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West House holds a stock of other publishers’ books, with an emphasis on poets we have published ourselves, and we act as distributor for the North American presses Ahadada and Slack Buddha.

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Nigel Wood

From the Diaries of John Dee

with Alan Halsey

Mathematician, scholar, astronomer, adviser to Queen Elizabeth I ... alchemist, occultist, heretic ... John Dee (1527-16 . . .   More

Apple Pie Editions  2015  ·  78pp ·  Price £8.50  · 1650



Nigel Wood (editor)

Fugue & Subterfuge: A Festschrift for Alan Halsey

Articles and poems by 31 contributors including Glenn Storhaug, Peter Riley, Ken Edwards, Karen Mac Cormack, Ian McMilla . . .   More

Goat's Head Press  2017  ·  177pp ·  Price £10.00  · 2182





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