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West House holds a stock of other publishers’ books, with an emphasis on poets we have published ourselves, and we act as distributor for the North American presses Ahadada and Slack Buddha.

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A Horse That Runs

To & Fro with Wallace Stevens

Kelvin Corcoran, Alan Halsey

A sequence of forty 12-line poems Kelvin Corcoran and Alan Halsey exchanged in the winter of 2014-15: an extended improv . . .   More

Constitutional Information  2015  ·  Price £5.00  · 1767

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A Small Yacht Launched with Instructions to the Reader

Alan Halsey

Broadside approx 435 x 320 mm. Letterpress printed red, green and dark blue on light blue paper.

Five Seasons  [1980]  ·  Price £7.50  · 275

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A Walk Toward Spicer

Stephen Vincent

Essay exploring Jack Spicer’s San Francisco.

Cherry on the Top Press  2000  ·  Price £3.50  · 294

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After Sappho frag. 16

Alan Halsey

Edition limited to 50 copies numbered & signed. 320 x 450mm broadside handset in Bembo and handprinted on Velin Arches c . . .   More

Five Seasons Press  2015  ·  Price £30.00  · 1651

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Ahadada Reader 1

Alan Halsey, John Byrum, Geraldine Monk

The Ahadada Reader presents a sampling of poetry by contemporary avant-garde poets from around the world. For the past t . . .   More

Ahadada  2004  ·  ISBN 0-9732233-3-2  ·  Price £7.50  · 107

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An Alphabet of Emblems

Alan Halsey

An alphabetic sequence of 4-line poems with 4 colour prints by Nicholas Parry.

Tern  1987  ·  Price £5.00  · 149

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Angel High Wires

Geraldine Monk

Audio CD. 12 electroacoustic songs with music by Martin Archer, sung by Julie Tippetts, Steve Roden, Sedayne & Rachel Mc . . .   More

Voiceprint  2001  ·  Price £12.99  · 234

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At Issue

Karen Mac Cormack

A series of poems examining the format and contents of magazines such as Vogue, Self and Prevention. The interruptions a . . .   More

Coach House  2001  ·  Price £8.50  · 285

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