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Alan Halsey


Graphic sequences


Brief Forays in the Wordland:
Some Poems & Translations



Geraldine Monk


A mini-biobib of outscapes and interiors


Poetry and places, with sound and pictures

‘In the end, one is brought back to Halsey’s enormous respect for words and their antonyms, echoes, ghost histories, spectral futures. He continues to create a kabbalah of cultural signs, a dictionary of linguistic possibilities, a stylish verbal music, in his essential role as courteous gadfly.’ Paul Merchant

‘One of the 5 or 6 poets whose work I’ll buy immediately on sight, no questions asked, without bothering to open the book or read the blurbs. Halsey’s poems – and they come in such variety, from very straightforward, personal-voice addresses to the most recondite word salads – are like a dense portable anthology from a rich and complex literary canon that simultaneously overlaps with but is fundamentally shifted or twisted from the recognizable “canon”.’ Mark Scroggins

‘Geraldine Monk is both a comic and a ferocious writer.she writes with a sense of fury that is almost drowned out by laughter.’ Tim Allen

'.wild, erotic and deeply strange writing. A poetry that reveals the unspeakable weirdness of the everyday.’ Sean Bonney

‘I am continuously awed by Monk’s opening out of experiential spaces both in terms of drama and close feeling, the way she catches the small words we offer in the face of immensities.’ David Annwn